Coaching Staff

Maestro Greg Massialas

Program Director and Head Coach

Maestro Massialas is a 3-time USA Olympian (1980, ’84, ’88). He was several times US National Champion and for many years he was the #1 ranked foil fencer in the US. He was also a six-time medallist in the Pan American Games, has fenced on four continents and has had extensive training in France, Italy, Hungary and Germany.He is one of the few US coaches to be accredited as a Fencing Master by the prestigious French Fencing Federation. He has coached several members of US Olympic, World Championship, and Pan American Teams. As a referee, he is one of only two USA International “A” Foil referees and has been the USA referee at many World Championships and the Olympic Games.He has judged over 20 Gold Medal foil matches in World Championships and World Cup competitions. He is also a member of the USA Fencing Officials Commission. Right now, Maestro Massialas is devoting himself full-time on developing the champion inside all his young fencers with his unique program: the Youth Fencing Champions program.

Heik Hambarzumian


Heik Hambarzumian is an accomplished fencer and educator. He is a 6-time Pacific Coast Champion, 3-time National Champion, 13-time World Champion US Team Member and 3-time Alternate to the Olympic and Pan American Games. Heik has 40 Years of diverse teaching experience which includes fencing, math, electrical engineering, dance, music and tennis. He has a Math Degree from University of San Francisco and has taught math at the junior and high school levels for 15 years. He was also a tennis instructor at the prestigious NY Tennis Academy. He taught electrical engineering at the Heald Institute of Technology.

Heik's Fencing Coaching Experience spans 30 Years and includes UNLV-University of Las Vegas, CSN-College of Southern Nevada, USF-University of San Francisco and private clubs all over the Northern California area.

He is also a Professional Ballroom and Latin Dance Instructor and has taught the fine art of dance for over 30 years in Private, Group and College classes. In addition, he is a Professional Musician, Accordianist, and teacher of Classical Guitar.

Born and raised in Germany to Ukranian and Armenian parents. He moved to the US at the age of 10. He speaks 4 languages. He enjoys tennis, music, dance and pets. His current goals are to become the Veterans World Fencing Champion and to develop aspiring young Olympians.

Doris Willette

Instructor / Mentor

Doris Willette currently holds the #2 US Ranking, the #25 World Ranking and is a graduate of Penn State University. She was a member of the USA Olympic Team at the 2012 London Games, an alternate for the 2008 Beijing Games, a US National Champion (2012), a 5-time Senior World Championships Team Member (2005, 2006, 2009, 2010 and 2011), and a member of the 2011 Pan American Games Gold Medal Team.

She is one of the most successful competitors to come out of the Youth Champions Program. At the most advanced levels, her training included mentorship and coaching. Her skill and experience now provide inspiration to all her young fencers.